Tailored services

Our environment is “Construction“, including infrastructure, real estate, building and business reengineering subsectors.

We have worked in the private sector (PPP´s, real estate, construction and engineering companies) and for the public sector. We also attend family enterprises, attorneys’ bureaus, consulting and auditing firms.

Our small size allows our agile strategies, seeking greater value with less risk:

+ CONTINUE IMPROVEMENT: Priority / Order / Environment / Quality / Procedures Manuals

– WASTE: Movement / Transport / Waiting time / Scrap / Defect / Unnecessary Inventory / Inappropriate Process

Our Customer only pays what he needs: our services offer competitive consulting costs with a great added value.

PROUNSA preserves our permanent values:

Customer + Professional Team + Sustainability + Happiness.

We look for harmony in diversity: our main performance drivers are transparency, collaboration, simplicity, credibility, learning, anticipation, flexibility, good government and business ethics.

Increasing our Customer’s VALUE / RISK relation, with a competitive sustainable advantage

Increasing your Project´s lifecycle Value, with a greater BENEFIT / COST relation

Our services vision is continuity in a long term.

During a typical 20 years building’s lifecycle, its cost of construction, operation and maintenance is much lower than its business operation cost, running on it, such as:

1 x building construction: 5 x building operation: 200 x business operation

The challenge with our Customers is, besides minimizing the initial building cost, how to take the best advantage of economic and social benefits derived from a better quality design, in order to manage its value optimization.

We add value, across the use of the buildings. We prosecute an ideal combination between the building´s total lifecycle cost and its quality design, in order to satisfy the future user´s program needs.

The total lifecycle cost of a building for his owner is the NPV (Net Present Value) of its costs of:

acquisition (including consultancy, design, construction and equipments) + operation + maintenance, during its economic life.

Facilitating whole solutions to our Customer´s problems or restrictions

We align our vision and objectives to the ones of our Customers, with an approach based on proximity, consistency, persuasion and particularity. Many solutions exist to solve a problem. We propose using several methodologies, summarized in the three following schemes:

Adding individual excellences, generating our Customer’s desired future

Our team seeks maximum value for our Customers, with minimum risk. We verify the followings relevant steps for success:

Project Organization:

· Determining the business needs
· Realism about what can be achieved
· Leadership and commitment from the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) with the Project
· Involvement of key stakeholders throughout the Project
· Project roles and responsibilities clearly understood, with clear communication lines
· An integrated process: design, construction, operation and maintenance


· Risk and value management that involves the entire project team, actively managed
· An integrated project team consisting of client, designers, constructors and specialist suppliers, with input from facilities managers/operators
· Procurement and contract strategies that ensure the provision of an integrated project team
· Whole-life costing: best value for money over the whole life, not lowest tender Price
· Continuous improvement, measuring periodically his performance and benchmarking
· Good design: functionality, appropriate building quality and impact on the environment
· Excellence in health and safety performance
· Best practice in sustainability