We help people rooting

We rationalize increasing value / decreasing risk strategies, suggesting refocusing decisions, taking supply and demand into account: differentiation / cost / segmentation.

Inside / Outsourcing:

· Full / part Internal Infrastructure activities

Specialization / Integration:

· Different business processes, adding partial margins

Purchase / Lease:

· Integrated Project Management / Property Management

Competitive advantages:

· Service/ Product differentiation and lower costs, increasing margins

In entrepreneurial initiatives, and only when our own decisions are relevant, we capitalize as a partner our direct involvement in new projects, sharing risks / benefits with our Customers.

On other occasions, we accept an advisory success fee, verifying compliance with certain performance parameters and / or with a fair measurement of improved results in the short term.



· Real Estate


Efficient real estate organization: Value + / – risk

· Feasibility studies types:

· Residential: new / used / B2L / Vacation
· Commercial: distribution, office, industrial

· Differential product:

· Location, market cycles, trends, niches and potential clients

· Added Value: post occupation evaluation (POE)

· Relationship 1/5/200: construction / (maintenance +operation) / use

· Devalued assets purchases, rehabilitations and rents / sales


· Change management
· Long-term
· Whole life cost (WLC)
· Value for money
· The user pays
· Deontology



Design Optimization:

· Architecture + Geotechnical + Engineering + Construction + Services
· Seismic design
· Prefabrication and modularity

Project Monitoring, Technical and Economic Assistance:

· Land Acquisition + Urbanization + Marketing + Sales / Rents
· Customer Needs: master plans, interior furnishings, future expansion criteria, environmental and energy saving
· Licensing Management and construction regulations compliance
· Pro-forma financial statements


· Value Engineering
· Real estate valuation



Alternative funding:

· Companies incorporations, new investors, trusts
· Banks
· Suppliers
· Minimum Presales
· Sell- leaseback: equipment and real estate

Correlation / Volatility: investment portfolio diversification:

· Monetary / Debt / Shares / Real Estate
· Capital Gains / Interest + Dividends

Crisis management:

· Assets value appreciation and improved debt ratios
· Insolvency process support
· Debt Renegotiation and new capital resources
· Corporate restructuring
· Litigation and investigation support



Diversification real estate risk:

· Sectors / countries / types
· Gains / Long term Rents
· Direct Property
· Indirect Property quoted on the Stock Exchange: Open-Ended / Close-Ended (REIT)

Particular Designers risks:

· The customer does not have the necessary resources or experience to support the project
· The project is larger and/or more complex than in the designer’s previous experience
· Responsibilities in non-traditional procurement may not be clear at the outset
· Procurement routes might restrict the level of design input
· Poor tender or briefing documents
· Non-standard contract documentation
· Poor, inadequate, inaccurate or inconsistent product information
· Delayed payments
· Poor documentation of records