From green to yellow




Strategic repositioning: +value / – risk:

· Objectives, policies and strategies through the prior analysis, anticipation and implementation of market innovations

Radical redesign of business processes:

· Identification of relevant and fragmented business processes
· New ways of implementing, achieving more with less, with the goal of seeking significant improvements in terms of project scope, cost, time, quality and maintenance, with the innovative use of computer technology and telecommunications (IT), coordinating several third-party services in different fields: Marketing, Finance, Production and Management

New real estate products:

· Bioclimatic and residential services
· Luxury residential for older people (ILF / CSHF)
· Passive buildings, with ventilated facades
· Rehabilitations second-hand buildings: Interior Design
· Property Management
· Facility Management


· Creating value through sustainability, change management, whole life cost, value for money, the user pays, deontology
· Global Expansion and Optimization
· Aging in place, minimalism: Simplicity is the highest sophistication



“I wanted to find a bridge between these two styles … realism and abstraction. We call it fusionism, merger or crossroads.

Based on the texture investigations and various materials of the abstract, I overlapped an almost photographic realism … Not on the whole surface of the table, but for parties. Sometimes the stains suggested and still suggest a few ways for themselves and above, only partially, realism overlapped; sometimes I performed it in reverse, first a realistic picture, the stain over, interspersed, the two loose, overlapping, as a silent communication between them …”