Concept simplification is always a convenience: methodologies may guide us, but never are a final answer.

These are tools and best practices, logical and experienced, aimed at solving problems and ensuring our services quality and excellence, implementing a greater value /risk relation, in a sustainable manner over the long term.

They have a fascinating ancient history: pyramids… roman roads …cathedrals… discoveries …

And in permanent evolution, derived from their continuing experiencing and more sophisticated technology.

We use different methodologies, or their combination, creating conditions for a better future: we solve troubleshooting or restrictions opposed to our Customer’s goals. We analyze various disciplined perspectives and improve the value of processes, services and / or products

1. Results orientation
Value management: lifecycle, integrated human team
Risk management

2. Customer orientation
Market Trends: competitive advantages
Innovation: R&D: differential program needs: UNE 166002
Knowledge management

3. Leadership and strategy consistency
Internal: weaknesses / company´s strenghts
External: threats / environment`s opportunities

4. Processes and facts management
Benchmarking: performance indicators
Process: quality design indicators

5. People’s development and involvement
Health and Safety: OHSAS 18000
Lean: less is more, doing more with less and less, but better

6. Continuous learning, innovation and improvement
Human Resources: valuing people, teamwork, motivation
Information Technology (IT)

7. Partnership development
Whole Life Cost: integrated procurement chain

8. Corporate social responsibility
Sustainability: ISO 14001
Standardization and prefabrication: modularity, ISO 9001