From a family company to a family business group

Continuity is our vocation. In a compatible form with our technical and financial origin, in 1992 we incorporated in Mexico PROYECTOS UNIDOS S.A. (PROUNSA), a Business Strategic Advisory (BSA) independent company. Our main goal was to implement excellent professional services, to create value and to minimize risk: a profitable and long term viable firm.

In 1998, we incorporated in Spain PROYECTOS UNIDOS S.L. (PROUNSA), in order to submerge us in Europe´s innovations, practicing several inspiring ideas. We permanently invest resources in new businesses, related to products and services of a greater added value.

Our human and ethical values are permanent, faced at “Being, before having”. This is our core ideology behind our Corporate Social Responsibility, with a special approach to family’s life conciliation and women inclusion at work.

We are a learning company. Our flat organization is a defiant challenge: it allows us to develop an own sense of belonging, autonomy, responsibility and ownership. To collaborate and cooperate, giving the best of ourselves, with a wide multidisciplinary goal and broad criteria.

We accomplished a Family Protocol, for simple prudence: the owners relatives can collaborate professionally with us, only with a previous minimal experience of 10 years, acquired in other international Groups of recognized prestige.

Creative and aesthetic design in engineering

Enrique Romero Ruiz-Gimenez initiated as an apprentice in a family company, Itema S.A. Later, he finished his career as Civil Engineer, with several construction practices in different high-rise buildings in Spain, as an intern for the Huarte Group. After finishing his MBA, this Group contracted him in Spain, collaborating with its new foreign activities. Displaced to Mexico since 1983, he was acting as General Manager of the Huarte Group in the above mentioned country.

He has acquired a great experience developing, with proud and passion, several functions in different businesses and countries, related to Public Private Partnership´s (PPP´s), real-estate, engineering and construction companies, orientated with good ideas and imagination.

Our environment is changing: pressure and uncertainty coexist, when we do not know if a proposition is real or false. There exist several possibilities of future facts, to which different probabilities can be assigned. When its effects concern and matter us, we value our exposure.

We look for opportunities and assume risks: we are exposed to positive and negative consequences of uncertainty, that is to say, to the possibilities of its desirable or undesirable effects.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Our identity is a brand meaning continuity, synergy and integrated construction, orientated to create value, minimizing risk, with a strong commitment to our Customers.

We exceed their expectations by our constant excellence in innovation, productivity and best practices. We are orientated to immediate action with a human team of experts. They easily adapt to our customer’s needs, in the asked place and during the necessary time, solving the tasks that are entrusted to us.

A network of independent professionals collaborates in a wide range of services, related to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of different strategies in many projects.

PROUNSA has an extensive experience in offering solutions for realizing our Customers desired future, exercising different functions in several sectors and countries.

Innovation = Creativity x Risk Taking

We study trends in an integral manner and without borders.

PROUNSA experiences useful innovations (R&D), in permanent contact with different Research, Development, Innovation and Education Institutions, related to different technologies and methodologies.