We sell scent, not cologne

We assure a differential excellence: we combine global experience adapted to local markets, a strategic distribution of capacities in different places, supporting our own corporate culture.

We are nomads: we adapt to change

We have a common vision and mission.

The value of every member is related to the difficulty of replacing his/her experience contributed to our team. The company doesn’t change, but people die: we have lost many beloved beings, friends and professionals, worthy examples of imitation.

In a world of uncertainty and environment in permanent change, we need creativity, mobility and flexibility.

We combine people of all disciplines to relate with the whole, as the only possible way of any development towards their individuation: the tolerance between the parts is the price of our freedom.

Autonomy in operational activities, for process and function coordinators. Centralization of our common infrastructure, with its support activities.

We add individual capacities of a decentralized group of independent and self-sufficient professionals, of different cultures and countries. With local market knowledge. Highly qualified (IQ/EI): the best for every need, with high productivity. Developed previously in other international Groups, in R&D Institutions and / or in Business Schools.

We promote quality, motivating disciplined persons orientated to the exploitation and innovative persons orientated to the exploration. Human teams for integrating and /or generating new ideas.

PROUNSA invests in continuous education programs for our futures leaders. With a permanent training based on effort, learning and change promotion, we prosecute a high performance of our internal operative functions.

We explore Value migration´s intricate routes, between different sectors, companies and processes