We're never satisfied: Our Customers do

References of some Customers:

With a fair and transparent collaboration, we pursue their full satisfaction and confidence. We seek a repetitive task, enabling continuous improvement. Our services are, in part, on a confidential basis and therefore we don’t reflect the identity of some of our Customers.

Our experience is the transition between the application of rules and the generation of new rules

We have lent our professional services in Groups and Businesses, diverse and complementary. Some of them are currently integrated into other Groups, under different names:

Huarte y Cia SA (Quoted on Madrid Stock Exchange) and its subsidiary Viales y Estacionamientos (Private): OHL
Arthur Andersen Business Consulting (quoted on NYSE): Bearing Point
Itema (Private Family company): Itema Grande S.L

We were involved with those Groups in several projects in various countries: Spain, Mexico, Latin America, Portugal, Africa, Iraq, USA, England and Switzerland.

We have the satisfaction of our Customers. PROUNSA is a good support at a Board of Directors or as technicians at the project site: Government, construction, real estate and end users.

They belong to various economic sectors: Government, Airports, Food, Banking and Insurance, Roads, Industrial Building, Education, Social and Health, Telecommunications and Tourism.

We have a close cooperation with the Authorities and other Partners, Banks, Suppliers and Subcontractors. They are our essential travelling companions, because they made possible our Customers goals.