Corporate Social Responsability

Our Group participated companies comply the spanish Civil Engineers Association´s Code of Deontology, similar to that of any other collegiate career.

We verify the main challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), related to production phases, in sectors as PPP´s, real estate and services companies:

Prevention: OHSAS 18000.
Labor accidents = 0%, cultural diversity, seasonality, subcontracting

Quality ISO 9001. Technical Construction Codes

ISO 14001. National Waste Plan of Construction and Demolition
Emissions: dust, gases, fumes
Waste: inert waste disposal
Hazardous waste: used oils, contaminated land, asbestos
Dumping at sea, sewage and rivers

Sustainable construction. Water, electricity, flammables

In flora and fauna: destruction of natural habitats, vibration, noise

Final Prices (residential)

R & D+ i
UNE 166,002. Materials, construction techniques, safety, design techniques

Doing well good things

We assume our interdependence and solidarity: we adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations, in conjunction with our respect for society and sustainability of business.

Our usual dictionary:

Liberty = Dialogue + Autonomy
Security = Duty/Right + Law + Justice + Authority + Participation + Health + Work + Property + Education
Equality = Life + Integrity + Intimacy + Personality + Civil status + Unity

Our favorite phrases:

“Rectifying is wise”, “No one can be a good judge of himself”, “Know yourself”.

“Neither grieve, nor loosen”, “The glass is half full, not half empty” , “The wise man contemplates the inevitable and decides that it is not inevitable” , “We always see the positive side of what is happening”

“Happiness must be a form of contemplation” , “The truth is what it is, no matter what you think”, “The Truth will set you free “

Pro bono work

Several nonprofit foundations and NGOs received our pro bono consulting services. We are volunteers, contributing with our skills for free. We also are individual donors, supporting high impact community services.

Colegio Monteverde View Large
Design and construction Project Monitoring. Colegio Monteverde for women facilitates evening classes without cost for necessitated people, financed by morning
Residencia IESE View Large
Design and construction Project Monitoring. City: BarcelonaCountry: SpainClient: Fundación privada IESEServices: Project MonitoringArchitect: Guillermo TraverConstruction: Several subcontractors
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